Things to do in LA

Trips to the US can give visitors a hugely versatile holiday so trying to narrow down the kind of experience you are looking for will help you to plan out what you will be doing.

You will always want to discover things about where you are going when you get there but it is handy to have some kind an of idea to help with budgeting and will help to make sure you make the most of your visit.

Having a look about online can help you find the best attractions that you will want to include on your visit while things like dining and shopping can be things that you can investigate and discover when you are over there.

One of the more popular locations that people visit in the US is Los Angeles. LA is a major Californian city found on the West Coast of America and is home to the countries film industry, countless sports franchises and several excellent holiday locations.

Here are some of the best things to do in LA that we have discovered when speaking to people that have visited recently.

Universal Studios

LA is the home of Hollywood; the beating heart of the US and Universal Studios pays tribute to that. With a real working movie studio, restaurants and shops people will be able to find plenty of things to see and do to occupy their time here.

There are also a lot of exciting rides and interactive experiences that bring you right into your favourite movies. Universal Studios is a must for visitors to LA.

Walt Disney World

Another huge experience that you and your family won’t want to miss out on is Disney World.

Famous around the globe as one of the best theme parks and resorts in the world, Walt Disney World is the ultimate in family holidays or day trips.

With countless famous rides and shows, whether you decide to stay at the resort or are just visiting for a day or two you will have a great time.

Star Tours

As we live in an age when celebrity is king it would be remiss to omit something that took that into account.

As you can imagine, with the weather, bustling city life and huge movie industry in LA, many celebrities decide to make it home. Because of this there are loads of thriving celebrity tours that you can take which show you the homes of the rich and famous.

It is a great opportunity to see how the other half live so having a look to see what tours include will let you see some of your favourite stars homes.

That is just 3 options but with some great shopping options, wonderful restaurants, bars and clubs, stunning beaches and countless other things to do you will never be struggling for things to do if you visit LA.

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