South American Gems

South America has so many different and interesting countries that differ so greatly it can be difficult to decide which countries to visit.

If you are lucky enough to have the time and money to explore the continent for a considerable amount of time here are some of the best countries that you might want to visit.


Peru is an absolute dream for travellers. It has some of the most incredible scenery in the world as well as the world-famous Machu Picchu ruins.  It is easily accessible and has great food and traditions for visitors to explore, in fact Peru has three of the top fifty restaurants in the world so you won’t go hungry.

You might also be happy to know that an industry currently enjoying an increase in popularity is the craft beer industry.


Colombia is a beautiful and vibrant country that has enjoyed a rise in visitors over the last few years.

The Spanish speaking country is extremely welcoming, and a lot of people speak a little English making it easier for travellers to get around. You might also want to try a bit of Salsa dancing with an exciting scene that welcomes visitors.


Bolivia is great for people looking to explore a beautiful country on a budget with low prices around the country.

The capital city La Paz will leave you breathless, not only because it is the highest capital city in the world but also because of its beauty.

You can also explore the Amazon and discover some of the beautiful, rare and exotic creatures that the worlds largest rainforest is home to.


Beautiful sandy beaches, stunning natural beauty and of course football. Brazil has so much to offer visitors and is perfect for people looking for a lively trip.

Clubs and carnivals make it perfect for those looking to enjoy the South American nightlife.

Between the great evening entertainment and the great beaches that will let you recharge your batteries during the day it is a perfect holiday setting.


You can find Uruguay in between Brazil and Argentina and, as you might imagine, this country has a fine footballing tradition despite its size.

Out with football you will find Uruguay to be one of the more progressive countries in South America with the country being one of the few to protect LGBTQ rights.

Uruguay has a much more laid-back feeling than its neighbours and is home to some great attractions and sites of interest that you will want to check out.

These are just a few of our favoured South American destinations but that’s not to say the countries that narrowly missed out aren’t without their charms.

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