The Best Tips for Travelling to India

People looking for a huge experience and change from the norm will find that India has a lot to offer.

Due to its vast size and huge population it can be a massive culture shock to visitors. There are many different languages that can change by region and religion and culture is another thing that can change depending on where you are travelling to.

Getting an idea of where you are going will help you to prepare for a visit to India but we thought we would give you some of the best tips just to get you started.

Plan ahead

Don’t try to do too much at once and cram everything in to too short a time or you will struggle and end up exhausted. Planning ahead will help you to see everything you want to and also free up some time should anything else come up.

Don’t take any risks with food or drink

Sticking with bottles water and boiled or fried foods should help you to avoid an upset stomach but don’t presume every street vendor will make you ill. It would be a shame to miss out on some of the great food on offer here.

Be prepared for a different culture

People in India are prepared to have little or no personal space, especially on public transport. Sometimes this can be a bit of a culture shock but if you are expecting it, it can be a bit easier to deal with.

Show a bit of respect

We might be used to wearing skimpy clothes or taking a t shirt off when it gets hot, but India is a relatively conservative country, so it might be wiser to wear looser clothing that is better for the heat.

You should also find out a bit more about when and where you should remove your shoes as this is often the case in temples and other holy buildings.

Be aware of local customs

Indians tend not to pass things or eat with their left hands due to toilet related reasons, it is also considered that feet are unclean so try not to touch anything with your feet either. These customs are all worth investigating more before travelling.

Don’t expect everything to run on time

India, especially in the larger cities, can suffer from traffic problems on a scale that we struggle to fathom. Because of this, many things can run late so it is worth just rolling with it.

Don’t carry large amounts of valuables

Large Indian cities can have issues with pick pockets, so it is wise to carry any personal belongings securely and make sure you don’t carry an unnecessarily large amount of money about with you.

Most importantly don’t let all the warnings or stories put you off. A trip to India is an experience like no other, you will see some vibrant cities, beautiful scenery and meet some wonderful people.

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